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Welcome to CleanUp Batter

 FINALLY! A product that is specifically designed to help players care for their most prized piece of equipment, Cleanup Batter has been developed for ProBats after months of research and testing by a leading manufacturer of construction-grade, all natural tar removing products from road grading machinery.
Cleanup Batter is a citrus based, 100% natural formulation that REMOVES pine tar, grip stick, adhesive residue and ball marks from wood and aluminum baseball and softball bats. This product has been tested in a market survey of ProBats customers and received the highest grade for ease of use, cleaning power, no leftover residue or odor and the small dose needed to clean their weapon. Cleanup Batter restores your bat to near opening day status!
Cleanup Batter is not harmful to your skin, but will safely and thoroughly remove weight changing grip enhancers without altering the natural or finished surface of the bat. Once applied and wiped clean with a rag or sponge, your bat will be residue and odor free. ProBats testing has shown a consistent 55% less weight addition to unfinished bats than mineral spirits or adhesive removal products.
Other uses for Cleanup Batter include restoring helmets, batting gloves and pitching machine balls to”like new” status. The product is safe to use on your skin, leathers or plastics. Don’t like batting gloves and getting pine tar stuck on your hands and glove when in the field? This is your answer! One little dab and your hands and they are stick’um and residue free.
Say goodbye to the days of offensive smelling products that soak your bat and dim the finish of the only friend you have once you leave the on deck circle. Have you ever downgraded your trusted ‘gamer’ to BP duty due to a distinct change in weight or ‘beat up’ look? Save money and extend the life of your equipment with Cleanup Batter!

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